Community Engagement

Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals at Mason


Our mission is to be an exemplary “engaged university” by “preparing our students to thrive in a global context by infusing global awareness, citizenship values, and learning opportunities across all fields, and we will partner with other organizations in solving global problems where our impact will be highest.”


Mason is committed to “engagement with the world”. It is our hope that students and faculty become engaged citizens “ethically orientated and committed to democratic ideals; respectful of individual differences, rights, and liberties; knowledgeable of important issues affecting the world; focused on the well-being of others; and committed to building a just society”.


Strategic Goals:

  • To build community partnerships characterized by trust, respect, reciprocal and mutual benefits for all partners, community capacity building, and long-term relationships.
  • To practice and advance best practices in community engagement.
  • To establish a model for community engagement that addresses critical needs in our surrounding communities.
  • To collect data on community engagement activity Mason, which will be used to apply for first-time Carnegie Classification in 2020.